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Rise Yoga Ohio

Spring Into Yoga Renewing Energy Workshop

Spring Into Yoga Renewing Energy Workshop

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Sunday, March 10th 5:00-7:00 pm

Debbie Shields, a 500-RYT and Reiki Master, will invite us to renew our yoga practice with a combination of an energetic vinyasa flow, Reiki and Guided Meditation. This well rounded practice addresses both the physical and spiritual aspects of our well-being. The emphasis is on fluid movements to generate warmth, improve circulations and clear the mind aligning with rejuvenating qualities of spring. The idea of inviting rebirth within the body, mind, and spirit is powerful, symbolizing a fresh start and connection to ) the earth's awakening energy. Planting seeds for the remainder of the year, to continue to set positive intentions for your ongoing yoga journey. Please bring a journal, yoga mat and an open heart!!! A gift bag will be given at the end of class to continue your renewal.

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