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Are You ready for it?


For the seventh year running, we are excited to welcome you to our February challenge. Whether you are seeking to establish fresh, healthy habits, find a supportive community, or discover new strengths, this challenge is for you.

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We are thrilled to see returning challengers and eager to meet new ones. Over the course of 29 days, prioritize your mind, body, and soul with mindful power and resilience.

Stay the course, my friend!

Attend as many in-studio classes as you like - we'll keep track, and at the end, we'll reward the most diligent participants with exciting prizes.

Above all, enjoy the journey and do it for yourself! We can't wait to celebrate with you.

The Significance of Routines: Journeying towards Mastery through Steady Practice.

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Join our skillfully trained Yoga, Barre, and Strength instructors as they lead you on a journey for mind and body wellness.

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